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Creating a simple JSF Web application from the ground

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Today I publish an article explaining how to create a JSF application starting from zero with Eclipse and Glassfish My aim is to show the process step by step, without using advanced tools, like Maven or project templates coming from JBoss Tools Eclipse plug-in. The reason to do this, is to make people understand how easy can be to create a simple Web application without a lot of knowledge using Java.

The project created here can be the base to create more advanced projects.

This blog has arrived this week to the 4.000 visits, starting from July of 2012. I expect that somebody has been helped by some of the articles here.



Author: Dani Gisbert

Computer engineer, Java Programmer and M3 consultant

One thought on “Creating a simple JSF Web application from the ground

  1. If you’re not familiar with the evolution of Java as a Web development tool, the coexistence of these two strategies (JSTL and JSF) might seem strange: Why have two separate ways to create Web interfaces? They may not both survive forever, but right now, both are warranted. Current JSTL users get a straightforward migration path, and having both provides choice for developers, who can benefit from using the best features of each.

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