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How to create a custom realm in Glassfish

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Today I am proud to announce another new entry in this blog. This article is called How to create a custom realm in Glassfish This article is a tutorial where I show how to add security into a Java Web application and doing that creating a custom realm in Glassfish. In this case the audience of this article is people with some grade of experience in Java EE programming, but I tried to explain the things as easy as I can, as always.

There are several reasons that makes me to feel satisfied with it:

  • This new post is the most ambitious one I have published here. It represents the end of a series of articles that I began in order to show how to create a Java application starting from zero. These posts are Oracle Glassfish Server Tools at Eclipse Juno, How to create a Glassfish server available at Eclipse, Creating a simple JSF Web application from the ground and How to setup a JDBC connection in Glassfish. It has been a long path until arriving here but finally the work is done.
  • This days I am celebrating that one year ago I opened this blog and began this little history. As I said in my presentation, this blog is still a try. I don’t consider it still a success. But by now I am doing the way along and I’m still here writing.
  • Also the last weeks I arrived to the 5.000 visits. Really this is much more than I expected one year ago. This makes me to be strong enough to continue. As always I want to give my thanks to Google to put me on the search lists, and also some links from blogs and forums that have given me some visitors. Thanks to all to click here, but I will much more satisfied if you tell me if what I am writing is being useful or not.

Nothing else to say. Enjoy the article (if you understand it).

Cardedeu, July, 8th, 2013.


Author: Dani Gisbert

Computer engineer, Java Programmer and M3 consultant

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