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About this blog

Uh … I opened a blog …. and now … horror !!! I must write something !!

Well… maybe it’s not so bad.  In fact I was thinking to open a blog during the pasts months, and finally I decided to start it out.

One of the motivations to open this blog is to make a little tribute to people, like me, is working in the IT world (Information technologies) and must be continuously recycling their knowledge in order to avoid falling down into the obsolescence. Here you can find the origin of the slogan of this blog. The way I express this tribute is sharing my knowledge with all of them and trying to be as much clear as I can. I will also try to explain the things in easy terms, that anybody with little knowledge of computing can understand.

By the other hand, I had a few ideas to share, based in my daily experiences at work as a Java programmer.

Oops… I forgot to say it….. This blog will be, mainly, but not only, a Java-oriented blog. I will try to share here some knowledge I have acquired while I was learning/programming in Java during the last five years. Sometimes they will be tutorials explaining solutions to problems. Sometimes I will post some personal thoughts about class design or any other stuff I can find.

In all cases the point of view of all the things explained here will be absolutely personal. I’ve done just little training in Java and my knowledge comes mainly from experience. I have a little knowledge base in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) that I learnt more than 10 years ago with C++. So, sometimes I will explain  subjects not in a formal way but in terms that a person coming from outside Java world can understand easier.

I need to ask to any people interested in this blog that please, correct me, comment whatever you want or whatever you think I am wrong.

Finally, I must apologize because of my english writing. Maybe you have guessed it, but english is not my mother language. So, sometimes I will not write the things in the best way.

Enjoy it!

July, 9, 2012


One thought on “About this blog

  1. Molt bé!!! Molt bé!!!! Ho he entès tot!!!! Endavant les atxes!!!!!!!

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