Computing @ 40's

Trying to overcome the obsolescence

About me

Time to introduce myself …

I’m Dani Gisbert, computer engineer with a technical degree obtained in 1996 at FIB. But my beginnings starts a long time ago, approximately at 1983-84, when I was 10-11 years old. In that time my parents brought me a Commodore 64 (which I still keep at home, some day I will talk about it). And it changed my life. From then, I can’t imagine my life without a computer.

A lot of things have changed from that early years. I have lived the growing popularity of Personal Computers, the boom of the WWW, the mobile revolution, the appearing of digital cameras, Barça winning 5 (!) Champions Leagues … I was born in the analog world and I will die (some day) in the digital era. And during all this time I have been lucky of keeping the interest about new technologies appearing, and even more lucky understanding and taking advantage of them.

But time goes by, and now, approaching invariably to the age of 40, I decided to do a step forward and to do some contribution to the human being, providing some knowledge in the form of a blog. By now I don’t know if I will be strong enough to keep it working for a long time. By now it’s only a try.

The idea of creating this blog is to help people who, approaching to the age of 40, or even having passed it, they feel lost in translation around the new programming technologies.

Nowadays I am working at DBApparel, the company that you probably are “underwearing”, because they design and distribute brands like DIM, Playtex, Wonderbra, Abanderado, Princesa. Unno, Ocean…. I am working as a Java analyst and programmer and Infor-Lawson M3 consultant, another one of my facets.

Finally, to finish my introduction… fortunately I have learned during these years that computing is not everything in life. I have other hobbies: reading (yes!! reading that old-fashioned books!!), diving, playing the piano and the guitar, Apalabrados … Maybe some day I will do some exception publishing something about it.

That’s all folks! (in this version 1.0)

July, 8, 2012


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Dani. I’m experiencing a tedious issue with connection pooling with glassfish 3. When I create the connection pool and try to ping it fails and shows me an error: This pool is not registered with the runtime environment. What it could cause this? I’m trying to connect to a local mysql database I set all parameters (user / pwd /url ) correctly but when I ping it doesn’t succeed. I don’t know how to overcome that issue actually. Can you please help me?

    • Hi.

      Well… I know I answer late… I expect your problems have been resolved. Looking at your message don’t imagine what kind o problem you had…

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