Computing @ 40's

Trying to overcome the obsolescence

Development environment

Here is the development environment I will use to do the articles in this blog, if not explicitly changed.

I am using a virtual machine installed on VirtualBox from Oracle. Virtualization is, in my opinion, one of the best inventions in the last years in the computers world. It gives you the possibility to do tests with other operating systems or environments much easier than ever (remember when you were partitioning your disk to install Linux? Has anybody here lost all data on disk thanks to that ?)

And I find VirtualBox an easy way to have one or more virtual machines running in my computer, but maybe it’s not the best option depending on the environment. Once I tried to use VMWare but I couldn’t even download the right application. For personal use I think VirtualBox it’s easy and straightforward.

Inside this virtual machine i am running this environment.

  1. Windows 7 64 bit edition: yes, by now I still don’t feel comfortable enough with Linux. I can’t be perfect. I have still some Microsoft-dependency running through my veins.
  2. Java 7 u5: i decided to jump to Java 7 to explain the articles i want to put here. It will be a nice way to learn newest features from Java.
  3. Eclipse Juno 64 bit: the 2012 release of this amazing IDE. I will explain pug-ins I use with Eclipse later.
  4. Glassfish the latest version (by now) of this AS (Application Server)

Cardedeu, July, 21, 2012


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