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Some notes about Eclipse Juno and its poor performance

I know Eclipse from a long time ago, even before I started to use it at work. At the beginning when I tested it at home, I found it very complicated and buggy, and I didn’t pay attention for it. On that time I knew just a little of Java, not enough and I found that Java was only a C++ variant, without much more value than C++. Only when I had to use Eclipse at work I began to understand it and I began to find the utility.

You can find more information at Wikipedia

Now, after 4 years working with Eclipse I can say that I love it. I think its well designed and has the most of its power in the countless amount of plug-ins available. Eclipse has an open architecture that can be extended to do whatever you want, if you know how to do it. Unfortunately by now I don’t know how to create an Eclipse plug-in. Maybe some time I will try to address it.

I started working with Eclipse Europa at 2008 but soon I passed to Ganymede and Galileo versions. Every June Eclipse release a new version. In general, changing the version of Eclipse is a fast task, in one hour you can change it and continue working. That’s another big point for Eclipse.

Juno (2012 version) is not a normal release of Eclipse. In this version (4.2) it has been rewritten, as you can see in this link. Probably for this reason It seems that this release have had more problems than usual. The most disgusting for me has been the poor performance that I have experienced with it, and some other problems less important, like shortcuts not working or little fails with editors.

My last story with Eclipse Juno drove me to find a solution to the poor performance, specially after some hours working. As always I am not the only person in the world with the same problem and I could find a solution thanks to Google. My first recommendation with Eclipse Juno is to have it updated to the last release using the update tool that it provides (Help –> Check for updates). The second recommendation is to install a patch update that fixes some of the major problems of performance, at least in my case. You can find more information about this performance bugs following this link or this another link. If you don’t want to read it, just add this update site link (Eclipse SR1 Performance Patch – or better this one ( to install the performance patch. To install it just select option “Eclipse UI Juno SR1 performance optimizations).

Anyway it seems that with the next release of Eclipse Juno (4.2.2) at Februrary 2013 the most of these problems will the addressed.

Cardedeu, 28/12/2012


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